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Have a Happy and Safe 4th, here is an Independence Day Fairy to watch over you.

Pat's Cats is now located here

This rememberance was made and given to me by a special lady,someone dear whom I have never even met.It means so very much to me.Thank you Bridy Richards with all my heart. 5/2099

Welcome, I am always in the process of adding or changing things, so I have added this page because Pat's Cats was getting too crouded. I have so many causes I want to support, so I decided to have a homepage like so many others do, then have their next page be the name of the original site.

This teardrop shows my support for abused Children.If you would like to learn more click the teardrop.

This Candle is here in memory of women everywhere whose lives have been affected by violence. If you would like to read more click candle.

~ SYMBOLIC PURPOSE OF THE DIAMOND ~ No matter what is survived and no matter what causes grief, and no matter what a person is recovering or healing from, compassion and respect from others will help. Those who are surviving, healing, recovering or are playing a supportive role to those within these stages, are precious like diamonds. They are often forced to be as resilient as a diamond.

Seen Me Call 1-800-THE-LOST if you've seen this child. Click on the image for case details. We support the work of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
Click Here To Add A Missing Child Link To Your Pages!

Life What a
Beautiful Choice!


Adopted: April12,1999


Thank you, Di for this beautiful surprise award! 4/14/99




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