Hey Look who brought me my 2 morning cups!Now I can get to work adding more great stuff!!

Thank you for visiting my page. I have loved cats all my life. My mom wrote in my baby book that I would pick flowers and give them to the cats.She or my grandmother also took pictures of cats.After they had both passed away by the time I was 8 ,one of my aunts gave me lots of old photos the cat ones included .One of my great-aunts always had a cat. I also remember on one visit she had rescued some baby birds. She hand fed them until they were big enough to fly away.I found some baby possums still in there mothers pouch alive, after she was killed by a car. I hand fed them till they got too big. I had to take them to the woods and turn them loose. I am sure that is why I love all animals,but my most favorite are cats I have had many different cats in my 45 years of life.I have bottle fed and hand raised a few.I have also rescued many.

I only have one at this time. Her name is Yuki.She is my special baby girl. She stays inside,I had her spayed before she ever had any kittens. When I had another stray I took in ,and she had kittens,Yuki would get in box with them and wash them. It was the cutest thing. I have photos,and finally have one on of her with some of those kittens. I have only lived at my present address for 7 months and have been feeding several stray cats. One is a mother and most of the rest are her offspring.I will continue adding things as I get a chance. Please come back and visit again!

The all time best video for Cat Lovers! I have always wished to see the play "CATS", before Christmas K-Mart advertised the movie coming, I was there when they opened to be sure I got a copy. I was so thrilled, and have enjoyed it so much I will never tire of watching it.

Today. July 22,1999 I was suprised to receive this unexpected award, I'm honored, thanks so much!

Beware of Cat! Sittin' Pretty Award

Beware of Cat's Lynx Page

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