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Keegan's Page

CLAW Member

I am just 6 weeks old. born about April 3, 1999 my Mom guesses, and found a family by screaming outside the front door after dark on May 10th My big sister Yuki doesn't want to play with me much, mostly with our paws under Mom's bedroom door. I want to rassle she hisses, growls, and slaps me down, but I keep trying until Mom takes me out. My most favorite toy is an acriylic duster, I fight with it as if it were another kitten. I play with just about any thing else I can get my claws and teeth into.

Since I have only been here in my new home a few days I have lots to learn, about what I can do without getting into trouble. I've been in my new home for about a week now and Yuki and I can't stand to be apart for very long. She plays rough with me now just the way I like it. She even gives me baths like a momcat would. I'm a happy little guy!

i am a fairy cat

Here is my first badge I earned in the Purr Scouts at CLAW!

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