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My Feral Cats

My story about my feral cats began last summer, after I had to move from a house to an apt. I had to give up my dogs and 1 cat, it was a heartbreaking situation. After being in my new home for a short while I kept hearing what sounded like kittens crying. I would go outside and look but never see any, until one day there was a mother cat with 5 kittens just out on the grass in the sun. I came to find out they were born right under my building, and that the mother had 3 kittens the year before a neighbor told me.

I began going out at night when I would see them in the dumpsters looking for food. I just had to care for these unforunate creatures as I have always loved cats, and most of my collectables are cats. Ever since I go out twice each night to put out cat food and fresh water once when it first gets dark then before I go to bed. I have 5 now, started with 8 but the owner of the property bought a varmit cage, put in tuna and 3 are gone! I wish there were help in the town where I live to help these and so many more like them. All I can do is continue to feed them as long as they are here.I am not financially able to have them spayed or nuetered and we have no animal rescue where I live.

UPDATE: There are only 3 left, it breaks my heart that I can't find them homes.The owner of the hates the cats and has trapped some and I don't want to know what he did with them! I have my 2 in my apt. against the rules and hope I can move before being found out. I asked if I could pay a deposit to have a cat and he said no that they smell. I can tell you many of the other tenats make a hundred times more mess! Please we all need to do something to stop these feral cats from suffering. My new baby was at our door crying I suppose abandoned.

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